Yoga Academy 800 One Year Part Time Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

The aim of the YA800 Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course at the Auckland Yoga Academy is to begin to develop qualified instructors in the Hatha Yoga field. The course is based on the hatha yoga style taught at the Yoga Academy since 1991. This style has its roots in the teachings of T. Krishnamacharya (1888-1989), B.K.S. Iyengar, (1918-2014), and Ganesh Mohan –son of A.G Mohan.

Alongside the wisdom imparted, trainee yoga teachers are taught business and life skills that will equip them with the tools to develop both spiritually and professionally. Unlike other short courses, part of the training takes place in real classes, on real people, not other yogis. Monitored closely by Judestudents are then able to work with diverse bodies with unique physiques and situations.

Trainees are also taught the skills needed to run a successful and ethical yoga school through assisting in the day to day running of the front desk and class management.

Consisting of 800 hours of both practical and theoretical training, this course is an asset to those not only looking to train as a yoga teacher, but for individuals looking to deepen their practice and understanding of the yoga teachings.

YA500 Hatha

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