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The Study of the Chakras with Peter Nilsson ERTY500 YACEP


Saturday 4 August 2018, 1 – 6pm Part 1 – The Chakras of the Contemporary Energy Body

Saturday 18 August 2018, 1 – 6pm Part 2 – The Chakras of the Classical Energy Body

The aim of this workshop is to introduce teachers and serious students of yoga to the energy body and the vortexes of energy, the chakras. The history of the contemporary and classical understanding of the chakras, the nadis (channels of energy) and the flow of the energy will be covered. The symbols of the classical along with the deities will be introduced. Practical mediation methods on the chakras will be shown and practiced in a class environment.

This workshop is divided into two parts. Part 1 covers the chakras of the contemporary body and part 2 the chakras of the classical body.

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