Marie Firkin

Marie began practising yoga to alleviate repetitive strain injury at the age of 19. First Hatha, then Iyengar and Pranayama.

It wasn’t long before she noticed the mix of yoga and breath focus starting to impact positively on her consciousness. An inquisitiveness into the deeper layers of the practice grew. She practised pregnancy yoga throughout her first pregnancy, then a move away from the city and four children later there was not much time for yoga. Working flat out in their own business – life was just too busy. Marie felt the need for company to re-energise her practice. She found it in Whakatane and settled into practising three times a week, a mix of Vinyasa Flow and on Friday nights Ashtanga Yoga.

It was at times very difficult to juggle family expectations, work demands and find time for a regular yoga practice. 2012 turned out to be the worst year ever for Marie, she returned to Auckland broken and drained. She chose to channel her pain into her practice and after a year of engaging in Ashtanga Yoga 5 days a week and meditation she knew she wanted to immerse herself in the practice and philosophy of the 8 Limbs.

In 2014 Marie studied YA200 followed in 2015 by the Yoga Academy Apprenticeship. The insight gained allows her to cope with life’s pressures and demands, it gives the ability to see ones strengths and weaknesses with compassion. The philosophy continues to be an important aspect of growth and development for Marie as she engages with her ongoing practice.

Marie currently teaches at the Auckland Yoga Academy:

Private tuition

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