Mariana Jiménez

Mariana discovered yoga around 12 years ago back in her home town in Mexico, at that time she was practicing Hatha in a little cozy studio. Along with her yoga practice she was also doing pilates and other sports until she eventually decided to concentrate on yoga. It wasn’t until she moved to New Zealand in 2011 that she discovered Ashtanga. She fell in love with this practice as she found this to be very helpful to release stress and anxiety due to day to day activities and felt immediately the benefits of this moving meditation.

Yoga played an important role in her life while settling down in Auckland. Moving to a new place, a long way from home, could be challenging however this practice became a tool to help her ease into her new home. Ashtanga changed her life in such a way that she decided to become a teacher by doing the teacher training at Auckland Yoga Academy in 2014. She finished 1 year part time teacher training (YA200) and one year part time apprenticeship focusing on Mysore Style classes.

Mariana currently teaches at the Auckland Yoga Academy:

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