Peter Nilsson

Peter Nilsson, the founder and Director of the Auckland Yoga Academy, has been immersed in the practice and study of yoga from the age of 30. Now at the young age of 68 he endeavours to live life by the principles of yoga. The Auckland Yoga Academy is a reflection of the culmination of this yogic journey of love and dedication.

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Jude Hynes

Jude is the Yoga Academy’s Training Director; mentoring future Yoga Teachers in the ways of the ancients. She brings over ten years of teacher training experience to the workshops and courses she facilitates. In particular, her skills in course development, communication and facilitation, as well as knowledge of educational and developmental psychology.

Meet Jude

Vicki Soper

Vicki has been practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga for 25 years, and teaching at the Academy since 1992. Along with Ashtanga, Vicki has studied and teaches Yoga Vinyasa (Hatha Flow), pregnancy yoga (she has practiced Ashtanga during two pregnancies), and takes “mums and babies” classes.

Meet Vicki

Helen Nicholson

Yoga has been a part of Helen’s life for over 20 years, and she’s been teaching Hatha yoga at the Academy for 11 years Her practice is in the tradition of Iyengar Yoga and she loves restorative yoga for the rest and therapeutic aspects it contributes to a regular practice.

Meet Helen

Mei Cheng

Mei first discovered yoga when she was looking for an exercise regime to help her recover from a long day in the office and to prepare her for the next day. Finding yoga changed her life, and she has since established a deep love of yoga and a daily practice. She has been teaching at the Academy since graduating from YA500 course in 2013.

Meet Mei

Madeline Waldegrave

Madeline started her yoga journey 13 years ago. She was looking for a place where she could slow down in this very fast paced life and find some clarity, focus and calm. The many benefits of yoga both on and off the mat slowly started to unravel to her, heightening her love for the practice. Her dedication to yoga was quickly established. Madeline acquired a YA500 qualification in 2012 at the Auckland Yoga Academy.

Meet Madeline

Hui Zhang

Hui first practised yoga ten years ago while at University in her homeland of China. Over the years she continued practising to help with her marathon running and CrossFit training. However, on discovering the Auckland Yoga Academy and meeting Jude and Peter, Hui realised that Ashtanga Yoga was to be her sole practice and a practice she would like to share with others. She completed our YA800 Ashtanga teacher training over 2016 and our Ashtanga apprenticeship in 2017..

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